Rance with FloI have had dogs all my life. Hunting dogs, lap dogs, of all colors and sizes. Some pure bred and others, mutts. They have all been great pets and friends of our family. I have worked in veterinary clinics and for veterinary schools for thirty years and thus, have been introduced to virtually all breeds and temperaments. All of that to say this. My Wire Haired Pointing Griffon is far and away the best dog I have ever owned or been around. She is, first and foremost, a wonderful family dog who is trusted around all humans (babies to the elderly) but at the same time will defend her homestead against all threats. Her personality runs the gamut from comical, curious, intelligent, and obedient. This breed strives to please and yet is not a wallflower. I have hunted upland game over dogs for years but my Griff is the first dog I have owned that has not strained my vocal chords or needed a radio collar. I never have to rein her in. She constantly checks on me and hunts always obedient to my voice command. I take her off leash to many city parks in the city where I live. If I give her the OK, she is quick to romp and play with other dogs with no aggression. If not given the OK, she returns to my side and we go on about our business. The beauty of this dog and this breed is that Griffs are so intelligent and eager to please. However, if you are not prepared to have this dog in the house and around you at all times than look somewhere else. They love to be around people. You will break their spirit if you are aloof and kennel them outside, away from their 'family'. My wife and I have settled on this breed and will never be without one again. The Griff is a graceful, majestic breed that has won us over.

Rance B LeFebvre, PhD


Claire pheasant huntingHad a fantastic weekend with Claire. She found 3 birds in the first five minutes. Pointed all of them, and held steady. I have not been training her, decided to just have fun with her and let her natural instincts come out. It worked!, what an amazing nose, and she is very sweet. Thank you again for such a great addition to our family.

Tracy Pulman

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