Patch's Story

By Tom Watts

I have been and hunter for most all of my life. There have been dogs of my own and dogs that belong to others. Many have been good dogs; many have been great. As a hunter, I have extremely high demands of my canine hunting partners. I am a taskmaster without being like a redneck Hitler. I have raised and trained several labs, others have been professionally finished. I know a good pups when I see it.

Patch (Royal Point’s Sir Patch, if you must) was from Sir Ruckus and Lady Guinevere from Royal Point Kennels owned by Ginger Hughes. What a find! What a Pup! I have become smitten by the Griffon! I spent two years looking at the breed, one year convincing my wife, and one month convincing Ginger Hughes that I would not wreck the breed. I picked Ginger Hughes as the breeder because she picked me.

Patch came home at 8 weeks. It was immediately apparent that he had a HUGE chase instinct. If it moved away, he was on it. We played this game for hours until he fell asleep on his feet.

At 9 weeks he was 16 pounds. He did a full and complete on-point approach from twenty feet out until he was focused on the bumper from about 2 inches away. The crowd went wild!

Last night( almost 10 weeks and 18 pounds, Patch put on a show in the back yard, fetching 5 consecutive retrieves and binging them back to my hand. There are some dogs that don’t get a simple retrieve for several months. Read that again: TEN WEEKS!!!

This is a dog with an unimaginable sweet and mellow temperament. Everyone that holds him for a minute wants to hold him for an hour. In hooking up with this pup, I chose to let the breeder call all of the shots. Ginger picked the pup and made all of the preliminary arrangements. ( although the pup picked me too!) . I would love to contain my excitement over this pup, but it is difficult. TCW

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